The Perfect Mix: Risk Assessment Documents and Push Notifications

On a safe work site, the core ingredient will always be good communication between workers and employers. However, while almost one third of construction workers agree that conditions in their workplace stopped them from working safely, the figure reported by their employers was much lower. This gap in communication can be pinned down on two major […]

What is Meant by Risk Assessment Software?

Keeping up with technological advancements in the field of hazard and risk management is tiresome and at times just too much of a hassle. But turning a blind eye to developments in the risk analysis process will come at cost to business productivity and even worker safety. Risk assessment software is one such development and […]

Meet The Regulators: Workcover NSW

Workcover NSW is part of the Safety, Return to Work and Support Division (SRWSD) of the New South Wales state government. It is responsible for the determination of the general policy and strategic direction of not only Workcover NSW but also the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW and the Lifetime Care and Support Authority of […]

It’s Time To Get Serious About Health and Safety in Australia

Workplace safety issues are not always at the top of people’s priorities. Often left to the last minute or delegated down, occupational health and safety is seen as the last kid you’d pick in the schoolyard footy team. Yet with the right amount of teamwork and training, that kid could very well score the game-winning […]

How to Write a Risk Assessment

It seems like a straightforward process but risk assessments are a crucial part of displaying compliance with OHS laws and regulations. Without risk assessment forms there is no way for the relevant workplace health and safety regulator to determine if you have even attempted to maintain compliant OHS standards. Free risk assessment templates will give you a […]