How much can software-based risk assessments save your business?

It makes sense to calculate just how much money you can save with risk assessment software before you sign up. So using our risk assessment productivity case study, we’ve calculated the savings for a business to be between $72.25 and $116.15 per worker, per month. Not too shabby. Under plant conditions these savings increase to between $144.50 and $231.63. Even better. So far […]

Risk Assessment Workflow for Construction Workers

In the hussle and bussle of high risk construction work, an independent contractor will be on several different sites in a month so having a firm understanding of the risk assessment worksheet is vital. At each construction site they must carry out several safety and risk management processes or face strict penalties. Below is a […]

Hazard Assessment in Confined Spaces

In the previous article ‘Working in Confined Spaces Risk Assessment’, we looked at the definition of ‘confined space’ and what generic risks and hazards are associated with it. It is clear that confined spaces fall under the mandate of what constitutes high risk construction work. Based on the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, Safe Work Australia outlines […]

Risk assessment for chemicals checklist

When working with hazardous substances or chemicals, it is especially important to effectively complete risk assessments. One way to help in this area is to complete a risk assessment checklist before beginning any high risk construction work. A hazardous substances risk assessment is a useful component of safe operating procedures but risk assessment checklists are a great […]