How a Dynamic Risk Assessment and Software Work Hand in Hand

What does every manager want?

More time.

More time to consult with clients, more time to get the job done right and more time to finish all the paperwork that inevitably comes with high risk work.

Unfortunately time is a luxury and finding enough of it can involve re prioritising important tasks. Health and safety often falls behind when the time constraints of the any industry begin in take hold. Even the most basic risk assessment can involve the time consuming task of hazard identification, not to mention implementing control measures and reviewing acceptable standards workplace safety.

But taking shortcuts around proper risk management is a dangerous option for a construction manager to take. Shortcuts not only bypass important stages of risk assessment which in turn puts the well being of workers at risk, but also invites potential penalties from Australia’s various workplace health and safety regulators. Only an exceptionally unwise manager would consider this option but the problem still remains: how can managers make more efficient use of their time without undermining workplace health and safety?

The answer: a dynamic risk assessment process.

The ACT Emergency Services Agency provides a useful dynamic risk assessment definition:

“The continuous process of identifying hazards, assessing risk, taking action to eliminate or reduce risk, monitoring and reviewing, in the rapidly changing circumstances of an operational incident.”

High risk construction work can involve rapidly changing circumstances that require the utmost diligence from workers and managers alike. Yet even a dynamic risk assessment done on paper is still significantly inefficient. To solve the problem of time (or a lack there of) managers need to embrace technology, or more specifically, dynamic construction safety software.

SafeWorkPro is one such form of this health and safety software. Developed in conjunction with electrical contractors Cole Contracting, SafeWorkPro has been specifically designed to minimise the time managers have to spend on risk assessments. It can be easily downloaded on

any mobile device or smartphone and provides workers with a way to complete and update risk assessments in real time without the direct involvement of the site manager. With no paperwork involved, SafeWorkPro means risk management takes up less of the manger’s time, but more importantly, that risk assessments can be updated and revised with the click of a button.

That is the true capability of dynamic risk assessments – forms that can be completed, updated and revised quicker than the paper-based alternative, but in a way that doesn’t compromise acceptable standards of workplace health and safety. If you’re interested, sign up for SafeWorkPro today commitment free.