Meet The Regulators: Workcover NSW

Workcover NSW is part of the Safety, Return to Work and Support Division (SRWSD) of the New South Wales state government. It is responsible for the determination of the general policy and strategic direction of not only Workcover NSW but also the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW and the Lifetime Care and Support Authority of […]

It’s Time To Get Serious About Health and Safety in Australia

Workplace safety issues are not always at the top of people’s priorities. Often left to the last minute or delegated down, occupational health and safety is seen as the last kid you’d pick in the schoolyard footy team. Yet with the right amount of teamwork and training, that kid could very well score the game-winning […]

Free Risk Assessment Software: what’s the catch?

In the risk management process, you get what you pay for and although the idea of free risk assessment software seems attractive, you should consider a few factors before signing up. Quality risk assessment software should make the risk management process easier, not add another bureaucratic layer. Luckily for you, we know just the type. Completing a […]

How Can a Quality Assessment Review Maintain Safety?

In successful hazard and risk management it is important to keep on top of changes to OHS laws and regulations as well as how strongly your own risk assessment policy is performing. Although there is not much the ordinary business owner can do about government OHS legislation Australia, there is a great deal that can […]

Risk assessments: How to keep work safety switched on in an offline environment

Out of sight, out of mind The days of carting around stacks of paperwork at high risk construction work are far behind us. The SafeWorkPro application allows you greater movement by storing all your risk assessment documentation locally. This means that as you move around you will always have access to all your files. Keeping up […]