Job Safety Analysis Forms

Everyone hates paperwork but even in this digital age of instant messaging and computer technology, it remains a necessary evil. Job safety analysis forms are an essential part of the risk assessment process and crucial to job safety. Although OHS legislation Australia is complicated and the job safety analysis process is lengthy, the paperwork itself […]

How Can Safety Audit Software Help You?

How do you know if your risk assessment in the workplace complies with OHS legislation Australia? Risk assessment in any industry is not an exact science and mistakes can be made. As a manager or business owner, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure your workforce is safe and compliant, or else you risk the regulator’s wrath. […]

Workplace Safety Checklist

Across all industries and workplaces here are common factors that should be included in a safety checklist. These are vital safeguards that work not only to normalise a culture of safety but also to prevent workplace accidents. But what exactly does a safety checklist look like? Well for starters it is more than just a […]

The SafeWorkPro Safety Management Dashboard

No matter the type of industry, whether it’s mining, construction, manufacturing or even basic labour, risk is a constantly evolving threat. Dangers associated with any type of work threaten not only the well-being of workers, but also how productive and profitable a business can be. The logic is simple. An effective and efficient OHS management […]

Improving Workplace Safety Without Safety Consultants

Unfortunately not every business can afford safety consultants. This is only a problem in so far as it means productive solutions to workplace safety issues are not being regularly sought after. However just because your business is too small or under resourced to hire safety consultants, doesn’t mean you can’t get the most out of […]