The Codes of a Chemical Risk Assessment

Chemistry is complicated stuff and a risk assessment for chemicals is no different. The range of hazardous chemicals used in the Australian construction industry is only overshadowed by the number of risks associated with them. A chemical risk assessment must take all of these inherent dangers into account but understanding every substance or chemical, along […]

Working in Confined Spaces Risk Assessment

Whether you work in an office or under the sun, sometimes everyone feels like they’re working in a tiny, unescapable box. When it comes to high risk construction work however, there is a specific meaning for working in confined spaces. This affects the many different factors a confined spaces risk assessment must take into account […]

Control Measures for Confined Space Safe Work Procedure

In previous articles on the SafeWorkPro Blog, we’ve looked at the risks and hazards of working in confined spaces. But what good is a risk if there no control measures? Below is an extensive list taken the codes of practiceby Safe Work Australia, that outline the various control measures available to construction workers and PCBU’s involved in high […]

What is Job Safety Analysis?

Did you know that panthers and leopards are the same animal? No jokes. Only their fur coats are different, everything else is the same. Believe it or not, job safety analysis forms are similar (minus the claws, teeth, agility and general awesomeness). Otherwise known as a risk assessment or a job task analysis, job safety analyses (JSA […]

Construction Safety Software: a saviour in disguise?

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Files can be instantly transferred across the world, entire encyclopaedias of information are just a click away and social media gives your target market a voice. We live in a brave new world that is both deeply interconnected and highly competitive but there is one […]