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Everybody knows how difficult it can be to use safe work method statements (SWMS’s). Seriously, they are a nightmare for many reasons. Firstly, if you don’t have a method statement for a specific construction work procedure, trying to develop one from scratch is time and resource intensive. Most manages from construction businesses will search online for safety templates free to download. The good news is that we have work method statement template free for you over here.

Wait! Before you take off we want to run something past you. We are trying to create a free SWMS document repository for all to share. So far we have had several businesses give us their method statements free. We then transfer them over to the new template format from Safe Work Australia, rewrite them to remove all traces of your company, and make then available for everyone to use. Imagine a world where everyone made their SWMS’s available! Instead of a huge number of construction companies throwing safety into the too hard basket, we could lower the barriers of adoption and make a safer environment for all. So, if you are inspired and would like to share your SWMS’s we would really appreciate it.

Download a Free Method Statement Template

Personal safety at work revolves around conducting consistent and compliant OHS procedures. This involves tools like proper signage, a clear safety procedure, training but for businesses, especially the small operators, this can be a drain on resources. Add on the cost of paperwork like a safe work method statement (SWMS), and then compliant OHS procedures become a serious consideration businesses need to make.

Obviously skipping any of these processes will not only put workers at risk but also invite harsh penalties from regulators. Here at SafeWorkPro, we believe that by maximising efficiency with health and safety documents, we can drastically improve the cost of conducting high risk construction work to highest safety standard possible.

The first step to this is getting a free SWMS template, something that is surprising difficult to find. SWMS are mandatory under Australian workplace health and safety laws so using them properly not only makes OHS sense but also means you can display compliance with these laws and regulations.

So for your convenience and in the hope that it will boost your workplace safety record, SafeWorkPro is offering you access to a free safe work method statement template. This is a safe work method statement sample based on the examples offered by Safe Work Australia. Although it is just a template, the free download will provide a basis for future SWMS across a diverse range of construction jobs.

If you would like more information on SWMS, risk assessment of OHS policy, refer to the SafeWorkPro Blog.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement Free Template Download

In military speak, safe work method statements (SWMS) combined with risk assessments can be like enfilade fire from a defilade position. Pretty awesome if you can achieve them. SWMS are used to instruct safety procedures for known work place hazards and risks in construction. Risk assessments are used for identifying risks in the workplace and and can be used when a SWMS may not have been developed yet. We have some risk assessment and method statement free template downloads over here or you could read up some more on free swms templates.

Like all workers, soldiers are constantly balancing their risk between safety and productivity. Thats why enfilade fire from a defilade position is so inviting. This is the ultimate situation for a soldier to be in as enfilade fire means you have exposed the enemy along their longest access while being in a defilade position where the enemy cannot fire upon you. This minimises the risk of the solider being injured or killed while inflicting maximum damage to the enemy. Military tactics can be used in many contexts.

A construction worker faces life and death everyday as well though not to the same extreme as a solider. However, in Australia 186 workers were killed in 2013. Thats a sobering thought and emphasises why safety is so important. As convoluted as legislation can be it cannot be denied that safety is important. On one hand, if we swung the safetyodromitor completely towards being safe we could possibly lose productivity, or if the safetyodromitor was all about productivity we could compromise safety. The wise man says that it has to be somewhere in between or the intelligent man says we can do both.

The tool we have developed here at SafeWorkPro was born out of years of frustration with a paper-based process that compromised both safety and productivity. Cole Contracting has just made the finalists list for the Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014! Our tool streamlines the risk assessment and SWMS process by making it available on many devices like iOS and Android phones. It gets workers on the job quicker, safer, and compliant while making improvements to both safety and productivity.

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a set of work procedures that identify hazards and control measures with known tasks. It is a way to identify risks associated with a worksite and how best to manage them. SWMS must include the names of the people at the workplace, arrangements for the management of any incidents should they arise, health and safety rules specific to the worksite and ways to collect and review the document.

There are 18 high risk construction activities that require a SWMS under Work Health and Safety Regulations however each industry has different guidelines for the proper management of those risks. For example Master Builders has written their own guidelines for the management of health and safety risks associated with the construction building industry. For the safe management of hazards and risks associated with electrical work, Safe Work Australia has suggested their own codes of practice. Each industry has different health and safety management guidelines so it’s important to keep updated. But what does a Safe Work Method Statement look like? The following 2 images are an example template SWMS supplied by Safe Work Australia. Have a look on pages 46 and 47 of the Construction Work Code of Practice.

Method Statement Template Free

Do you need a method statement free template? That’s good news and sounds like you are committing to making your workplace safe. We have plenty of method statement template free downloads for you to use. Yes, they are free! But what is the catch you ask?

The templates still need to be signed off by a qualified trades person (QTP). A QTP within your business must review the method statement example and ensure that they are satisfactory for your business. You will need to make some adjustments, as all construction method statements are different. This step is still required if you decide to purchase any method statement for construction instead, so be wary of that.

We are committed to improving safety at the workplace and we believe that by providing these free method statement examples that more businesses will be able to make better safety procedures. In turn, you will need to decide if you will be burdened with a paper-based process or streamline with a software-based solution like the one we provide.

Work Method Statement Example Free Download

Running a construction business is a time consuming and costly task, so finding areas where efficiency can be improved is vital. Getting an affordable safety method statement complicates this but as technology develops so too to the options available to construction managers.

The problem with a typical safe work methods statement template is that it is either too broad to be used effectively in construction work safety, or too narrowly focused to be effective. With many free

safety templates lacking in detail and the expensive alternative lacking in cost effectiveness, construction managers must turn to alternatives in mobile technology.

That’s what we do best here at SafeWorkPro. Our easy to use mobile tool empowers construction workers with cheap, quick and compliant risk assessments and safe work method statements. The first version of the SafeWorkPro tool is online and ready for free download. Try it today and let us know what you think. We’re eager to hear.

In the meantime, you can access our resources page to use a free method statement and risk assessment template for your construction safety needs. This health and safety policy document is based on those published by Safe Work Australia and is fully compliant with current OHS policies in Australia.

Free SWMS Template

Are you looking for a free SWMS template? We got you. You can download one on our resources page. This is the template that is found on page 42 of the Construction Work Code of Practice that was published by Safe Work Australia. So, this template is correct and will help with your safety in the work place, as it comes from the horses mouth.

Now that you have a safe work method statement template free to download you are going to have to fill it out. The purpose of a SWMS is a set of work safety instructions that construction workers use for their personal safety at work. Traditionally this has been a paper-based process that workers are not particularly good at filling out. They could for example, fill them out after the job or even worse not at all. This is a huge contributor to health and safety problems in the workplace. Firstly, the construction worker is risking their own lives by not refreshing themselves with safety work instructions. Secondly, if an incident does occur the business is in a huge hole that they don’t want to be in. The good news is that there is a way to help with this process!

The solution is to tech-up! At SafeWorkPro we believe in getting workers on the job quicker, safer and compliant. By using technology a construction sites safety can be streamlined and construction work hazards can be reduced. The construction industry has been using tools for hundreds of years and the modern era has bought us yet another powerful tool, yup its in your pocket and everyone has got one … your mobile phone. So you can use this tool to deliver SWMS’s and safety work instructions to your workers and use dashboards to to see how your team in performing. Why wouldn’t you?