The Perfect Mix: Risk Assessment Documents and Push Notifications

On a safe work site, the core ingredient will always be good communication between workers and employers. However, while almost one third of construction workers agree that conditions in their workplace stopped them from working safely, the figure reported by their employers was much lower. This gap in communication can be pinned down on two major issues; not being able to be in 101 places at once, and an inefficiency in the traditional system of paper risk assessments. In response, SafeWorkPro is bringing you much needed change for high risk construction work. We want to communicate with you how our way to resolve these issues with our epic new push notification feature!

1: Not being able to be in 101 places at once

Particularly on huge sites with numerous trades, monitoring risk assessments for any high risk assessment risk ratings can seem like a job of epic proportions. While you are likely already managing this task as fast as humanly possible, there is only so much you are physically capable of completing and you cannot be in 100 places at once. Technology is therefore the most practical solution to your efficiency problem, and no we don’t mean cloning yourself.

SafeWorkPro is bringing a much more reasonable and cost-effective answer in the form of push notifications for our mobile applications! This feature brings a whole new level of simplicity for you to the risk assessment process. Push notifications immediately display on all admin devices with the name and place of a worker who has submitted a risk asessment containing a risk rating above 15. Not only is this saving you the time and effort of individually scanning all safety documents for the warning signs of danger, but it is also improving your emergency response rates. The immediacy of the notification allows you to prioritise your duties, and attend to potential work safety emergencies as they appear.

2: Traditional methods being inefficient

Our key to solving your second dilemma lies in our computerisation of your safety documents. A major perk of this is the softwares ability to scan your workers documents for things such as a high risk assessment rating over 15. Seeing this figure would be enough to trigger your safety alarm bells, but spotting it amongst a stack of paperwork over a mile high poses a greater challenge. Allow our technology to sift through the paperwork for you!

So instead of feeling overwhelmed by safety procedures and paperwork, try turning to SafeWorkPro to improve communication of safety issues on your worksite.

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