Risk assessment for chemicals checklist

When working with hazardous substances or chemicals, it is especially important to effectively complete risk assessments. One way to help in this area is to complete a risk assessment checklist before beginning any high risk construction work.

hazardous substances risk assessment is a useful component of safe operating procedures but risk assessment checklists are a great way to double check any workplace precautions. This is beneficial due to the increased risks in construction presented by the potential long-term health effects of exposure to hazardous substances.

The below is a risk management checklist based on the codes of practices for managing risks of hazardous chemicals.

1: Does a risk assessment need to be carried out?

2: Has it been decided who will carry out the risk assessment?

3a: Have all the hazardous chemicals in the workplace been identified?

3b: Has a hazardous chemical register been produced?

·      A register is a list of hazardous substances, accompanied by a safety data sheet, and easily accessed by all duty holders

4: Has information about the hazardous chemical been identified?

5a: Have other previous relevant records, including risk assessments, been checked?

·      If yes: have any specific hazardous substances been assessed as high risk?

6: Does the hazardous substance have any health hazards?

7: Does the hazardous substance have any physicochemical hazards?

8: Does the hazardous substance have an exposure stands?

·      Refer to Workplace Exposure Standards for Airborne Contaminants

9: Do workers involved in the work related to hazardous substances require health monitoring?

·      Refer to Part 7.1, Div. 6 and Schedule 14 of the WHS Regulation 2011

10: Is there a potential for workers to be exposed to hazardous substances at the workplace including by-products and waste?

·      Consider these questions:

o   Is the substance released into the work area’s atmosphere?

o   Are people located in the immediate vicinity?

o   How long are workers exposed for?

o   Are there risks involved in the storage and/or transportation of the hazardous substance?

11: Are the controls measures specified in the risk assessment effective in controlling hazards and reviewed regularly?

12: Are risks not significant, significant but adequately controlled, significant but not adequately controlled or uncertain?

13: Have any actionable safety procedures been conducted as a result of question 12?

14: Has the risk assessment been recorded for future reference?

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