At the heart of SafeWorkPro is a push to make Australian businesses more competitive through quicker, safer and more compliant risk management. SafeWorkPro can boost business productivity and streamline backend administration, all without undermining Safe Work.

So what is it exactly?

SafeWorkPro is a digital tool that allows businesses to manage their risk assessments and safe work method statements (SWMS) on smartphone and tablet devices. It was designed in detailed consultation with Cole Contracting – a Brisbane based electrical contractor with over 17 years experience in the industry. In their time working on commercial and industrial electrical equipment, communication systems and switchboards, Cole Contracting became all too familiar with the costly red tape associated with risk management.

There is an extensive series of OHS laws, regulations and codes of practice enshrined by Safe Work Australia and legislated by the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011. The Act specifies the duties that construction managers and workers must carry but contains many broadly defined terms and overlapping requirements. This results in a risk management process that involves multiple layers of paperwork that must be completed and stored for years on end. The backend administration that comes with such a demanding risk assessment process is a massive drain on business resources, but SafeWorkPro streamlines all of this effectively.

How does SafeWorkPro benefit workers?

It’s a pretty simple process but one that cuts out the paperwork involved – saving time and stress.  Workers log into SafeWorkPro via the digital tool that’s available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. The worker then goes through the various steps involved with the traditional paper-based risk assessment process but instead chooses pre-determined options for each hazard, selects the appropriate SWMS and control measure.

All of these selections and options are saved for use at other worksites that may have similar OHS demands. This streamlines the entire process and provides workers with key safety information when they need it most. To see exactly how much time SafeWorkPro saves workers, check out this case study based on the business model of Cole Contracting. Should these pre-determined options not suit the job at hand, a worker can create their own new steps specific to the immediate hazards. This new step is then saved into the software and can again be used on future worksites. Even if the work site is miles away from internet service, SafeworkPro works offline and automatically re-syncs its data once a solid internet connection is found. But the benefits don’t end there.

How does SafeWorkPro benefit managers?

Through SafeWorkPro construction managers are provided with a dashboard feature that allows them to manage their workforce’s OHS commitments. With this feature, managers can see:

  • Who is (and is not) filling out their risk assessments?
  • When the risk assessments are being filled out?
  • Who is working on the highest risk activities?
  • How many risk assessments have been filled out (over any time period)?

This gives managers a real time insight into their business that the paper-based method cannot. Moreover, because the completed risk assessment form is saved as a PDF file, displaying compliance during an audit is as quick and easy as sending an email. All this instant communication between workers and managers is achieved in complete compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

To setup your SafeWorkPro account, some initial information will need to be entered first. This includes the account information of each worker, the SWMS documents the business uses and the job locations where high risk work will be conducted. The setup does not take long but if you require any help, please feel free to contact us.

Other than that, if you would like more information on SafeWorkPro and the risk assessment process, check out our Blog.