Software Risk Assessment: what is it?

What is risk assessment software?

Simply put, risk assessment software, such as the one offered by SafeWorkPro, is a more time efficient and cost effective way to comply with workplace health and safety laws. Think of it as a form of safety management software that aims to streamline the risk assessment process by replacing the traditional paper-based method with a digital alternative. Instead of writing your risk assessment on paper, you do it on your smartphone or tablet device. This saves time and money but also maintains the highest standard of workplace safety.

Knowing how to write a risk assessment quickly is half the battle when it comes to improving productivity, but to achieve this in a way that will not undermine your safe operating procedures is difficult. This is where construction safety software becomes useful in that it takes the risk assessment methods you are already familiar with and converts them into an efficient risk assessment program.

But not all risk assessment software is created equal. Some just provide a digital copy of safe work method statements that are neither easy to use nor more compliant. Implementing new risk assessment tools into your workflow is disruptive enough without the added pain of insufficient safety management software. So it’s worthwhile taking the time to research your options – something we are completely familiar with at SafeWorkPro. Our risk assessment software was developed in conjunction with contractors to ensure the software meets the real needs of construction workers in a quick, safe and compliant way. It can be installed on any smart phone or tablet device making it transportable, practical and easy to use.

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