Download a Free Method Statement Template

Personal safety at work revolves around conducting consistent and compliant OHS procedures. This involves tools like proper signage, a clear safety procedure, training but for businesses, especially the small operators, this can be a drain on resources. Add on the cost of paperwork like a safe work method statement (SWMS), and then compliant OHS procedures become a serious consideration businesses need to make.

Obviously skipping any of these processes will not only put workers at risk but also invite harsh penalties from regulators. Here at SafeWorkPro, we believe that by maximising efficiency with health and safety documents, we can drastically improve the cost of conducting high risk construction work to highest safety standard possible.

The first step to this is getting a free SWMS template, something that is surprising difficult to find. SWMS are mandatory under Australian workplace health and safety laws so using them properly not only makes OHS sense but also means you can display compliance with these laws and regulations.

So for your convenience and in the hope that it will boost your workplace safety record, SafeWorkPro is offering you access to a free safe work method statement template. This is a safe work method statement sample based on the examples offered by Safe Work Australia. Although it is just a template, the free download will provide a basis for future SWMS across a diverse range of construction jobs.

If you would like more information on SWMS, risk assessment of OHS policy, refer to the SafeWorkPro Blog.

Get your FREE SWMS Template in Microsoft Word format (.docx) download link: