Safety Templates Free

Everybody knows how difficult it can be to use safe work method statements (SWMS’s). Seriously, they are a nightmare for many reasons. Firstly, if you don’t have a method statement for a specific construction work procedure, trying to develop one from scratch is time and resource intensive. Most manages from construction businesses will search online for safety templates free to download. The good news is that we have work method statement template free for you over here.

Wait! Before you take off we want to run something past you. We are trying to create a free SWMS document repository for all to share. So far we have had several businesses give us their method statements free. We then transfer them over to the new template format from Safe Work Australia, rewrite them to remove all traces of your company, and make then available for everyone to use. Imagine a world where everyone made their SWMS’s available! Instead of a huge number of construction companies throwing safety into the too hard basket, we could lower the barriers of adoption and make a safer environment for all. So, if you are inspired and would like to share your SWMS’s we would really appreciate it.

Get your FREE SWMS Template in Microsoft Word format (.docx) download link: