Work Method Statement Example Free Download

Running a construction business is a time consuming and costly task, so finding areas where efficiency can be improved is vital. Getting an affordable safety method statement complicates this but as technology develops so too to the options available to construction managers.

The problem with a typical safe work methods statement template is that it is either too broad to be used effectively in construction work safety, or too narrowly focused to be effective. With many free

safety templates lacking in detail and the expensive alternative lacking in cost effectiveness, construction managers must turn to alternatives in mobile technology.

That’s what we do best here at SafeWorkPro. Our easy to use mobile tool empowers construction workers with cheap, quick and compliant risk assessments and safe work method statements. The first version of the SafeWorkPro tool is online and ready for free download. Try it today and let us know what you think. We’re eager to hear.

In the meantime, you can access our resources page to use a free method statement and risk assessment template for your construction safety needs. This health and safety policy document is based on those published by Safe Work Australia and is fully compliant with current OHS policies in Australia.

Get your FREE SWMS Template in Microsoft Word format (.docx) download link: