Why Are Risk Assessments Important?

We know hazard and risk assessment procedures are vital in maintaining workplace standards that are complaint with OHS laws and regulations, but there is another reason as to why are risk assessments important.

It’s more than knowing how to write a risk assessment – it’s about improving productivity.

It may sound absurd but there are methods of risk assessment available that can actually improve productivity in construction businesses. The traditional method of writing risk assessments involves multiple pages of paper work, administrative overhead and considerable amounts storage or filing. But completing construction risk assessments doesn’t have to follow this inefficient process. Your business productivity can be greatly improved by moving away from a paper-based risk assessment process and embracing the clear advantage mobile technology offers. We call it risk assessment software.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask Steve Cole from Cole Contracting. He recognised the flaws of risk assessment paperwork and decided to use technology to improve productivity.

You don’t need a construction risk assessment example to understand the benefit’s Steve Cole speaks of. Increased productivity, improved workflow practices and high standards of employee safety – all benefits from risk assessment software. These are benefits you can experience too. Sign up to SafeWorkPro to begin completing your construction risk assessments quicker, with more safety and in total compliance with OHS laws. Or if you like to find out more about SafeWorkPro’s risk assessment software, just click here.
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