How Much Time is Spent on Software-Based Risk Assessments?

Lets be realistic, using safety management system software is not a silver bullet. Even when using free risk assessment software there is still a time-cost associated. However, risk assessment software can save you time by streamlining the risk management process. The question is how much time? To calculate this we conducted a risk assessment productivity case study on a construction business of 12 workers.

In previous articles, we looked at how much time is spent on paper-based risk assessments and subsequently how much they cost your business. So, now we need to apply the same process to a software-based system to determine the possible savings. The following diagram shows the time values that are associated with each step of the risk assessment workflow.

1. Create Risk Assessment: Risk assessment software can be filled out on a smart phone. Firstly, this reduces the time associated with carrying and maintaining paperwork. Secondly, the software can assist the workers to consider previous risk assessment tools and use auto-fill to complete the risk assessment form. In our case study the workers were now spending only 1-2 minutes filling out these risk assessment forms.

2. Present to Foreman: The risk assessments and SWMS’s are presented to the foreman before starting work. The foreman can be emailed the risk assessment and SMWM’s in turn speeding up the process. The risk management strategy can then be read and recorded digitally for auditing purposes.

3. Conduct Work: Throughout the job it is possible for unforeseen hazards to arise meaning an extra risk assessment would need to be added. The worker does not have to retrieve a collection of paperwork but instead also reviews the SWMS digitally before proceeding.

4. Filing and Auditing: The back-end administration is almost completely cleared. The digital records are kept as soon as the risk assessment is saved and can be downloaded as a zip for auditing purposes.

Using risk assessment software will save you money but there are some very important points within this article that should be considered. Firstly, it is hard to measure some intangible benefits like the improvement in safety which leads to less fewer accidents and less compensation. Secondly, the cost of the actual construction safety software has not been included but these calculations show an approximate difference meaning a reasonable price point can be reached. Lastly, risk assessment software can give you valuable insights into the running of your business through the use of data-driven decision making. This will give you a competitive advantage and allow you to make more informed decisions.

If you’re ready to boost your productivity with quick, safe and compliant risk assessment software, click here.