SafeWorkPro was developed to make workplace safety simpler.

It’s no secret that workplace safety is often viewed as:

  • A burden of regulatory requirements that are stagnant and out of date.
  • An ineffective paper-based system that is unreliable, inaccurate, delivers poor data quality, resulting in poor decisions relating to worker protection.
  • Convoluted and flooded with unnecessary Safe Work Method Statements and redundant processes that do not protect workers.
  • Lacking a common-sense approach with very costly, time consuming activities.
  • Complex and confusing.
  • Simply a reporting requirement: necessary, fulfilled, but ultimately reactive resulting in lag indicators.

Designed to reduce paper-based applications, improve efficiency and build a proactive safety culture – our intuitive and easy to use platform helps you to focus on specific risks in your business that are required to be managed to mandatory industry codes of practice, including the Workplace Health and Safety Act and other government regulations.

The Software as a Service (Saas) Platform

The SafeWorkPro tool helps staff identify risks and hazards in your business’ work environment(s) and collaboratively simplify the digital capture of important data and metrics allowing management and business leadership to eliminate the risk of potential harm to all workers by utilising the metrics and insights collected every day.

Contractor management is also covered by SafeWorkPro, ensuring an effective means of communication for remote or isolated workers.

  • The customisable, culture measurement tool is used to capture and compare metrics relating to:
  • safety
  • quality
  • environmental
  • training
  • worker recovery
  • wellbeing
Effectively, SafeWorkPro Enterprise is your audit tool, as the data is captured daily, with advanced workflow functionality included to extract real value out of that data.