OHS Training and Supervision Checklist

Safety training is a valuable part of any organisation’s safe work resources. Ensuring that both workers and managers are aware of proper protocols, OHS regulations and laws, will result in a safe and productive workplace. These are crucial aspects of workplace safety and are enshrined by the worksafe Australia codes of practice.  What are the core […]

Safety Document Software Development

Good ideas don’t just appear overnight. Like a massive red gum tree growing from a tiny seed in the ground, so too do good ideas evolve into useful tools. Risk assessment software exists in many different forms but they are all share the common aim of making Australian businesses compliant with OHS legislation Australia – specifically the WHS […]

The Types of Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that comes in six different forms and is made up of fibres up to 200 times thinner than human hair. When it comes to asbestos in homes, not all types are as equally dangerous to humans but most can be found within any domestic building built before 1990. Each type of […]

Safe Work Procedures Checklist

Safe work habits revolve around constantly checking the workplace for hazards and reviewing the OHS procedures in place. This is evident in the worksafe Australia codes of practice but if you are entering a new workplace or re-evaluating an old one, getting health and safety standards right can be challenging. Therefore it is highly important that a […]

Safe Work Australia

In the past, Australia’s vast array of workplace regulations made OHS compliance about as easy as blindfolded origami. Regulatory standards changed from state to state and figuring out which worksafe Australia codes of practice applied to which job required scrolling through pages of health and safety laws written in complicated legal-lingo. This cost businesses time […]