Safe Work Australia

In the past, Australia’s vast array of workplace regulations made OHS compliance about as easy as blindfolded origami. Regulatory standards changed from state to state and figuring out which worksafe Australia codes of practice applied to which job required scrolling through pages of health and safety laws written in complicated legal-lingo. This cost businesses time […]

OHS Legislation Explained

Interpreting complicated occupational health and safety laws is a hassle that many small and large businesses struggle to find time for. This presents issues because with a range of various penalties and regulations at stake, compliance with safety laws in the workplace is not to be trifled with. OHS legislation Australia is made up of […]

Electrical Safety in the Workplace: the story of Tim Martin

It’s an unfortunate truth but occupational health and safety policies are often overlooked by both managers and employees, as something that is either too boring or just a matter of paperwork.  Safe Work Australia Month is an awareness campaign designed by the Queensland Government to contradict these common views and instil a new workplace safety culture.  Running through October, […]