Risk Assessment Software: 5 questions to consider

The best way to explain risk assessment software is to look at the advantages it has over the traditional paper-based method. For starters, as any business owner or manager would know, time is money, so a core value of risk assessment software is speed. The easy accessibility of construction safety software makes it instantly superior […]

The Basic Risk Assessment Questions

Understanding OHS laws and regulations is a prime concern for anyone involved in high risk construction work. When done properly, risk assessments make worksites safe and reduce the likelihood of injury or worse. Knowing how to perform a risk assessment is not the only aspect to safe work practices that should be considered. There are other risk […]

A Risk Assessment Productivity Case Study: how to save time and money

Your business has a problem that you may not even realise exists. It bites way at your productivity, drains your resources and cripples the moral of your workforce. This problem is so embedded into your business model that the prospect of any alternative seems unnecessary and even unpleasant. In construction, risk assessments are just part […]

Workcover Risk Assessment Matrix

Every state and territory in Australia has its own form of Workcover which means that this is only a broad example of a industry standard risk assessment matrix. Although Workcover deals with risk assessment reports for matters of workers’ compensation, it is not directly involved in the process of writing risk assessments. Nonetheless each state or territory’s […]

The Technology to Improve Productivity

Occupational health and safety is a time consuming task that every business, construction or otherwise, has to deal with on a daily basis. In construction, the time-cost associated with the mandatory risk assessment process is demanding for both workers on the job and managers back at the office. But safety and productivity are not mutually […]