Safe Work Australia

In the past, Australia’s vast array of workplace regulations made OHS compliance about as easy as blindfolded origami. Regulatory standards changed from state to state and figuring out which worksafe Australia codes of practice applied to which job required scrolling through pages of health and safety laws written in complicated legal-lingo. This cost businesses time […]

How Can You Make Your Own Health and Safety Documents Without Breaking the Bank?

No matter what the industry is, workplace safety documents are a costly but necessary part of day-to-day work. Safety software systems, like SafeWorkPro, enable both workers and managers to create their own safety documents with reasonable ease thus boosting productivity and promoting a strong workplace safety culture. For more information on these benefits, read how […]

The Four Stages of Risk Assessment

The stages of risk assessment are pretty straightforward. Ultimately you want a risk assessment process that can identify hazards and who may be harmed, and outline the risk management methodologies that can prevent an incident. These are vital to a risk assessment workflow that is both successful and safe. The four stages of risk assessment are as […]

Safety Software: a saviour in disguise?

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Files can be instantly transferred across the world, entire encyclopaedias of information are just a click away and social media gives your target market a voice. We live in a brave new world that is both deeply interconnected and highly competitive but there is one […]