Software Risk Assessment: what is it?

What is risk assessment software? Simply put, risk assessment software, such as the one offered by SafeWorkPro, is a more time efficient and cost effective way to comply with workplace health and safety laws. Think of it as a form of safety management software that aims to streamline the risk assessment process by replacing the traditional paper-based […]

Meet the Regulators: Workcover Victoria

The Victoria Workcover Authority (trading name is Worksafe Victoria) is the state government body that monitors and regulates safety laws in the workplace. Its jurisdiction is restricted to Victoria but it is part of the broader Safe Work Australia framework. The goal of workcover Victoria is to promote safe workplaces for workers and employers, and ensure both parties […]

How a Dynamic Risk Assessment and Software Work Hand in Hand

What does every manager want? More time. More time to consult with clients, more time to get the job done right and more time to finish all the paperwork that inevitably comes with high risk work.

How Much Time is Spent on Software-Based Risk Assessments?

Lets be realistic, using safety management system software is not a silver bullet. Even when using free risk assessment software there is still a time-cost associated. However, risk assessment software can save you time by streamlining the risk management process. The question is how much time? To calculate this we conducted a risk assessment productivity case […]

How much time is spent on paper-based risk assessments?

Figuring out how much time it takes for construction workers to complete risk assessment forms doesn’t have to be guesswork. After taking data from our risk assessment productivity case study, we were able to determine an average time for each step. From there a monetary value was placed on each step based on the wages workers […]