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What is Job Safety Analysis?

Did you know that panthers and leopards are the same animal? No jokes. Only their fur coats are different, everything else is the same. Believe it or not, job safety analysis forms are similar (minus the claws, teeth, agility and general awesomeness). Otherwise known as a risk assessment or a job task analysis, job safety analyses (JSA […]

Construction Safety Software: a saviour in disguise?

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Files can be instantly transferred across the world, entire encyclopaedias of information are just a click away and social media gives your target market a voice. We live in a brave new world that is both deeply interconnected and highly competitive but there is one […]

What is Meant by Risk Assessment Software?

Keeping up with technological advancements in the field of hazard and risk management is tiresome and at times just too much of a hassle. But turning a blind eye to developments in the risk analysis process will come at cost to business productivity and even worker safety. Risk assessment software is one such development and […]

Meet The Regulators: Workcover NSW

Workcover NSW is part of the Safety, Return to Work and Support Division (SRWSD) of the New South Wales state government. It is responsible for the determination of the general policy and strategic direction of not only Workcover NSW but also the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW and the Lifetime Care and Support Authority of […]

How Can a Quality Assessment Review Maintain Safety?

In successful hazard and risk management it is important to keep on top of changes to OHS laws and regulations as well as how strongly your own risk assessment policy is performing. Although there is not much the ordinary business owner can do about government OHS legislation Australia, there is a great deal that can […]

Guidelines For Risk Assessment Software

Safety compliance software, health and safety software or risk assessment software? What’s the difference? Well these are but just a few names for what is essentially the same thing: software that makes the risk assessment process both more efficient and more compliant with OHS laws. But not every aspect of risk assessment software development is up to […]

What is a Risk Assessment Matrix?

What if I told you that construction risk assessments were so unnecessarily complicated that they actually constrain your productivity? If you’ve ever had to deal with an OHS risk assessment matrix than you’d know what I’m talking about. Even the best risk assessment matrix can be long and overcomplicated. This means that workers have to stay off […]

Worksafe Australia Codes Of Practice

In Australia, every state or territory has it’s own health & safety regulations enforced by their respective governmental authority. To ensure a safe workplace for all Australians, Safe Work Australia develops model codes of practice for a variety of high risk construction work. The purpose of these safety policies is to harmonise safe working practices and procedures […]